Currently, tax knowledge is very important for all of us, not only us who already been working or having a business, but also for us who are prospective workers (college students).  Learning by doing is the best way of having knowledge.  One of the way of having tax knowledge is by joining Tax Brevet Course.  Doing and learning taxation!

Tax Academy, under WiN Partners, has some tax learning programs, such as tax trainings, in-house tax course, webinars, and Tax Brevet Program.  Our Tax Brevet Course, was firstly launched in 2018, namely A and B Tax Brevet Course.  Level A and B Tax Brevet are basic up to medium level tax course, covering basic of taxation, tax provisions and income tax for individuals and companies, VAT and Land & Building Taxes.

Currently we are in collaboration with several universities in Indonesia such as Multimedia Nusantara University located in Tangerang, Satya Wacana Christian University located in Salatiga and Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta located in Surakarta, Central Java.  The forthcoming collaboration will be made with more universities.





We believe that Tax Brevet can be one of valuable experience and would become a portfolio of work especially for the one who is working in the field of accounting and tax.  Tax Brevet would be a valuable knowledge that supports your position and career in the company or even supports decision making as a business owner.  Moreover, Tax Brevet could develop the ability of participants and upgrade your confidence to be a professional certified tax consultant.  Therefore, you may have your own tax consulting firm!

Some of proven benefits that a participant would get by joining our Tax Brevet:

  1. Accompanied by instructors who are having complete experience in the field of taxation (Tax Practitioners-such as Tax Consultants; Tax Officers, and Tax Lecturers).
  2. Participants would have an opportunity to have further scheduled discussions with our instructors, re. any tax matters after the class session.
  3. Updated Tax Brevet material to the latest tax regulations.
  4. More exercises, discussions and case studies based on instructors’ or participants’ real experience.
  5. e-SPT and e- Invoice training along with a certificate of graduation.
  6. Last but not least, our competitive price for a highly valuable tax knowledge!

Our updated materials would cover:

  • General Tax Provisions (KUP A & B);
  • Article 21/26 Withholding Tax;
  • Article 22,23,24, 4 (2), 15 Withholding Taxes;
  • P2 & P3 Sectors of Land & Building Tax, BPHTB and Stamp Duty;
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) & Luxury Goods Sales Tax (PPnBM);
  • Individual Income Tax (PPh Orang Pribadi);
  • Corporate Income Tax (PPh Badan);
  • Tax Accounting;
  • e- SPT and e-Faktur.



15 Week Sessions 

Following Indonesia West Time section


Certificate Brevet A & B and E-SPT & E-Faktur

Live Class 

Session class will deliver in real time via the zoom


Complete Taxation Electronic Module

Join Whatsapp Group

Participants will join the Whatsapp Group to find out the latest information and communication media


Participants can discuss together the cases or problems faced in the field of taxation

Tutorial E-SPT & E-Faktur

Practice filling e-SPT and e-invoices with the latest applications

Our Activities

How to be a Participant

Should you want to join our valuable Course, you may directly contact us:


Class Schedule

A & B Brevet Class would be held on the scheduled time as follows :

Tuesday      : 18.30 – 20.00 WIB
Thursday    : 18.30 – 20.00 WIB
Saturday    : 08.30 – 1 2.00 WIB