Tax Litigation & Disputes

During a tax audit process, there can be some disagreement due to different perspective to understand the tax regulations between Taxpayer and Indonesia Tax Organisation’s officers.

Tax Litigation & Disputes

Disagreements between Taxpayer and Tax Auditor, may resulting un-favorable tax assessments to the Taxpayer.

such as:
Tax Objection
Tax Appeal

We consider most of tax controversies as having the potential for litigation. Whether your tax issues involve income taxes, transfer pricing, indirect taxes or other taxes, our team can help. We have assisted a number of clients in negotiating and settling disputes with the Tax Office throughout the pre-litigation, trial and enforcement stages.

We assist companies, professionals and high net worth individuals to protect against, prepare for, and respond to challenges by the various tax authorities.

We are experienced in stages of the tax dispute – from pre-transaction analysis and documentation to tax litigation in the Court. We work with you to help lessen the likelihood of a challenge or audit before a dispute arises and to resolve matters that ultimately become the subject of a dispute.

Our tax litigation approach combines our substantive knowledge of the applicable tax principles with our knowledge of the special assessment, determination and collection procedures applicable to tax cases, including the unique courts and tribunals involved in the process.

Our approach is also designed to cut through the complexity of dealing with tax disputes through effective strategies for their mitigation and management.