Compliance & Accounting Services

As a Taxpayer in Indonesia, there are many obligations that must be obeyed on a monthly and annual basis.


During a tax audit process, there can be some disagreement between Taxpayer and Indonesia Tax Organisation’s officers.

Retail Services

Monthly & annual tax compliance on retail basis for small & medium clients, accounting services.

Tax Accounting & Training

This course provides the participants with a ten-step approach for accounting for income taxes.

What We Do

WiN Partners provides the most optimal economic benefits (ideal balance between input and output) to the clients, the state, and the firm. Consequently, the quality measures of the success for Win Partners are time and cost. WiN Partners believes that the improvement in their own business measured by growth of numbers of clients is necessary, but what more important is the client’s satisfaction and the client’s compliance of the taxation standards required by the state.

Who We Are

WiN Partners is the consultant who, with all humbleness, will hear client and tax authority and explores any of the possibilities so that the circumstances can be viewed completely and then provide the best choice that can help the client. WiN Partners believes that once the decision is taken, it will strengthen and evaluate the decision for the long term.

Kurs KMK

No. 23/MK.10/2020 Tanggal Berlaku: 20 May 2020 – 02 Juni 2020

Currency Rupiah (Rp)
USD 14,921.00 
AUD 9,623.45 
EUR 16,149.00 

Kurs Bank Indonesia

Informasi kurs transaksi Bank Indonesia Pembaruan Tanggal 29 Mei 2020

Mata Uang Nilai Kurs Jual Kurs Beli
USD 1,00 14,806.67 14,659.34
AUD 1,00 9,828.67 9,729.40
EUR 1,00 16,417.64 16,248.41